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Claire Sjaarda


English to French Translator, MA Dist.

"I highly recommend Claire, as a very responsible individual, who takes great pride in what she does. As a capable translator she is very organised, autonomous and reliable; a pleasure to work with."

— Emilian Candrea, Training, United Nations Institute for Training and Research,       Geneva, Switzerland

I provide translations to individuals who need certified translations of their official documents:


Some of the documents I translate include:


- Birth Certificates

- Marriage Certificates

- Death Certificates

- Divorce Certificates

- Driver Licences

- Police Certificates

- University Transcripts

- Diplomas




I help English speaking companies develop their business in French speaking countries and build partnerships:


Some of the documents I translate include:


- Brochures

- Newsletters

- Press Releases

- Presentations

- Training Material

- Websites

- Blog Posts

- Market Research Material

- Promotional Material

- Minutes of Meetings



I regularly translate for NGOs and UN entities in various parts of the world to help promote sustainable development, improve education, combat climate change and mainstream gender issues.


Some of the documents I translate include:


- Global Studies

- Funding Requests

- Pledging Letters

- Monitoring and Evaluation Reports

- Press Releases

- Project Presentations

- Training Manuals

- Web Articles

- Editorial Content




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